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Champion humanity today with a baseball cap which helps to pay for the airlift of food to Bangui! 

Design: the airlift appeal motif is a plane in silhouette, with the Ubumuntu heart in the centre. A single heart formed by two people embracing, connected to the World, it is inspired by Rwanda’s geometric design tradition. It reflects the concept of ‘Ubumuntu’: our shared humanity, actively expressed through empathy and care for other people.

Your purchase can help to feed a family of four for a week.

Capital city of the Central African Republic (CAR) and home to almost 900,000 people, Bangui is under siege from rebels who assaulted the city in January 2021. Food is increasingly scarce and prices are rocketing. The rebels have cut the city off from re-supply by road. Soon, if people aren’t dying from bullets, they will be dying from hunger. And some will take up weapons and join the rebels as the only way to get food.

How YOU can help

1. Help us airlift food to Bangui with a purchase from our Bangui Airlift apparel and accessories.

2.     Optionally, add a tip at checkout. If you add more than 20%, the extra money will go directly to the Aegis Trust's peace education program in the Central African Republic - where Aegis helps people to give up revenge, lay down weapons and champion humanity. 

3. FUNDRAISE. Set up your own fundraising page now at

4. Feel awesome! You're doing something smart and practical to save lives.

How it works:

Based in Rwanda, Champion Humanity Enterprise (CHE) buys food on the international African market.

Your money pays for CHE to airlift the food into Bangui. There, CHE sells at affordable prices to local distributors who supply the street traders that most people buy their food from.

This smart African solution to an African problem can help stabilize food prices, support local businesses and prevent aid dependency, while at the same time preventing starvation, building peace, and saving lives.

What happens when the siege ends?

When the siege ends, or if more air freight is paid for than can actually be used, any funds not used for food shipping will be put into the Aegis Trust’s peacebuilding program for the Central African Republic. You can learn more about that from Alain Lazaret, the Aegis Trust's representative in Bangui right now:

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