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Abraham Konga's beautiful Ihembe Earrings make for a dramatic complement to any outfit. ' Ihembe' means 'horn' in Kinyarwanda, reflecting the material used - Rwandan cow horn. Cows are a powerful symbol of prosperity in Rwanda and much-loved across the country, the shape of their horns also inspiring signature moves in traditional Rwandan dance.  

About the designer

Every piece by Abraham Konga is unique and one of a kind.

A self-taught jewelry designer based in Kigali, Konga uses some of Rwanda's finest available sustainable materials to create powerful statement pieces which bring his distinctive take to the country's vivid design tradition.

Often featuring cow horn, cow bone and locally sourced sustainable wood, Konga's jewelry uses brass upcycled from padlocks. What once embodied restraint is thus transformed into a thing of beauty.

The padlocks are melted down in a kiln and the hot metal is poured into moulds. After cooling, the piece is skilfully ground, sandpapered and polished by hand.

By purchasing this product, you also help save lives. Every purchase supports the Aegis Trust and the Kigali Genocide Memorial, established by Aegis in Rwanda.

Through education, Aegis enables divided communities to move from fear and violence to shared responsibility for peace. It persuades people to lay down their weapons and champion humanity instead of taking revenge. And it puts the voices of survivors at the heart of its work, supporting them to rebuild their lives. (For more detail, see ABOUT US.)

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