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“My name is Irakoze, and I love my family very much.” So starts ‘That Child is Me’, the story of Claver Irakoze, a child survivor of Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Claver is far from being the first Rwandan genocide survivor to write his memoirs. He is, however, the first to write them as an illustrated book for children - perhaps because no-one else would previously have thought it possible to find a way of drawing humanity out of that horror in a way which could engage and educate young children instead of simply traumatising them.

The result is a stunning achievement. Launched during the 25th commemoration of the genocide in which a million Tutsi were murdered, and featured in Rwandan national paper The New Times, ‘That Child is Me’ is told from a child’s perspective, conveying its painful realities with simplicity, gentleness, love - and a beautiful series of illustrations by Rwandan artist Mika Hirwa.

Today Claver Irakoze, the little boy who once faced death every day, is a peace education activist, singer, songwriter and author who works as Digital Resources Manager for the Aegis Trust in Rwanda.

By purchasing this product, you also help save lives. Every purchase supports the Aegis Trust and the Kigali Genocide Memorial, established by Aegis in Rwanda.

Through education, Aegis enables divided communities to move from fear and violence to shared responsibility for peace. It persuades people to lay down their weapons and champion humanity instead of taking revenge. And it puts the voices of survivors at the heart of its work, supporting them to rebuild their lives. (For more detail, see ABOUT US.)

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