We Survived Genocide in Rwanda

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First published in 2006, this collection of 28 personal survivor testimonies is not an easy read. For those who were not there, is it near impossible to comprehend the enormity and brutality of what happens during genocide. The stories in this book bring us a little closer, providing a glimpse into a period in Rwanda when, for three months, values most people take for granted - such as the respect for human life - were crushed as the Government lifted moral constraints and made killing an obligation, mobilizing the population to destroy all Tutsis and any Hutus who did not share the genocidal ideas.

These stories remind us that the cost of genocide is, above all, a human one - and they are a reminder of the consequence when the international community does not uphold moral and international obligations to protect those at risk of genocide.

By purchasing this product, you also help save lives. Every purchase supports the Aegis Trust and the Kigali Genocide Memorial, established by Aegis in Rwanda.

Through education, Aegis enables divided communities to move from fear and violence to shared responsibility for peace. It persuades people to lay down their weapons and champion humanity instead of taking revenge. And it puts the voices of survivors at the heart of its work, supporting them to rebuild their lives. (For more detail, see ABOUT US.)

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