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Champion Humanity by ordering a White Rose Clothing Bank today - and become a Founding Member of the Champion Humanity Enterprise Fund in the process!

1.2m wide, 1m deep and an imposing 1.8m high, your bank will be constructed from 7mm sheets of the finest steel, equipped with smart theft prevention features and fitted with state-of-the-art sensor technology to support efficient management. Paint job and markings may vary!

By purchasing this product, you will save lives.

Your clothing bank will be built, shipped and installed on your behalf in a prime UK location for collection of unwanted clothing which will be retailed in White Rose recycled fashion stores, generating sustainable funding year-on-year for peace-building proven to save lives.

On average, from each clothing bank installed, White Rose generates at least £500 ($630) annually for peace-building through the Aegis Trust. Aegis can then leverage this sustainable income to secure at least five times more funding from foundations and governments.

This means that over ten years, your order today will leverage 25x more money to build peace and save lives!

Best of all, your money is not just invested once. It’s repaid to the Champion Humanity Enterprise Fund so it can be invested in social enterprise again and again - building the finance needed to scale peace-building fast in countries at risk of mass atrocities.

Order today and you will receive:

- A Champion Humanity Pin Badge (design may vary)

- A special discount on handpicked recycled fashion from White Rose

- Updates about the status and performance of your clothing bank

- Updates about the life-saving work your contribution is helping to sustain


Would you like to give your bank a name?

And / or, would you like it to show on whose behalf it’s been placed?

After placing your order, email support@championhumanity.com with details and we can add them to your bank’s paint job.

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